The Fall 2019 issue of Autostrada Magazine features two of my stories.  I sat down with the President of Ferrari Quebec and learned all about his road to succcess.

It's one of the biggest tulip festivals in the world!

It's not too late to visit a sunflower farm this season!

"Walk through the door, your worries behind you, your joys ahead."

These delectable restaurants not only have incredible food but they come with an incredible view...

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Ferrari Quebec's President tells us how his road to success was one of fate and passion - not coincidence...

Through her over 15 year career, she has shattered ceilings in motorsport with another strong woman by her side.  Now she is about to undertake one of her most exciting accolades yet...

Ryan Fipke tells us the story behind his collection of Lamborghini's...

The talented Kylie Ivers tells us how her father's Porsche passion lead her to a love for photography.

Demi Chalkias is a 24 year old semi-pro racecar driver...

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Craving french fries but avoiding heavy carbs?  Try Chayote Fries!

You've painted your eggs.  What should you do with them next?

Decorating Easter Eggs using household items!

The Toronto Bridal Brunch is a wedding expo meets every bride's dream shower...

Take a look inside the restaurant that has people flocking to Hamilton...


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