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Meet the mix masters

When Kristen Voisey founded her niche company seven years ago, it began as a passion for artistic cocktails, flavoursome ingredients, and intricate glassware. Almost a decade later, her brand has taken on a new name, Cocktail Emporium, and it has elevated to a whole other level: from passion to perfection. “I feel so fortunate that people have loved what we do so much that we've been able to expand and take Cocktail Emporium to the next level,” said Kristen, "Creating a new look and feel for our brand represents the ever-changing cocktail industry and our continued development as a business. And of course, we want our loyal customers to recognize us wherever they go.”

With three locations, this cocktail lover's paradise displays of one-of-a-kind items seducing curious pedestrians all over the city. The newest shop is inside Union Station's revamped Front Street Promenade; it's a smaller, curated version of Cocktail Emporium, with some of its most dazzling products. As part of the City of Toronto's Union Station Revitalization Project, the retailers chosen to occupy these shops were a select group of local brands. Over 300,000 visitors pass through Union Station every day, which is why the city saw great opportunity in using this vintage space to showcase Toronto-only businesses. Without compromising on preserving the history of the building, the Front Street Promenade maintained its 1927 store-front style. "It’s a brilliant idea and use of space, and it lets visitors to our city get a true taste of Toronto’s diversity and talent as soon as they step off a train,” added Voisey.

Today, travelers and commuters can grab unique gifts for loved ones at Cocktail Emporium's Union Station spot. It's a boozy heaven filled with stunning bar tools and a wide array of glassware styles - there's something that matches every taste. Compliment the barware with a delicious syrup or shrub and top the gift off with a pretty garnish. After all, cocktails aren't just something to amuse your bouche, they are visually appealing too. Just when you remember one friend doesn't drink alcohol, these mix masters will show you to their non-alcohol beverage section which has a variety of all-day cocktails and books that teach how to make them. "Being a part of the Union Station Front Street Promenade space is truly an honour," Kristen expressed, "I love that they are creating this vibrant area filled with homegrown brands and retailers."

Visit Cocktail Emporium - Union Station:

65 Front St W 416-964-8535 Mon - Fri : 8am - 7pm Sat - Sun : 10am - 7pm

My Picks


The Yuzu Szn Non-Alcoholic Spritz

1oz Sobrii NA Gin 1/2oz Prosyro Yuzu Syrup 1/4oz Grüvi NA Prosecco, to top

3 oz Soda Water, to top *Garnished with Rosemary & Dried Grapefruit from Cocktail Emporium Gift: Skull Droppers with a syrup to compliment your chosen alcohol


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