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  • Amandalina Letterio

Fall smoothly into autumn

Summer is winding down and the nights of back yard BBQs are starting to show a chill in the air. It might feel like that new silk slip dress made its debut and is ready to pop back into your closet in lieu of a chunky knit sweater paired with your favourite jeans. While yes we have all missed those comfy chunky sweaters, why not have both? As the seasons shift and blur so should your wardrobe. Here are some ways to get a leg up on the fall 2018 trends while still banging out outfits with your favourite summer pieces. Cause common we might be excited for the pretty fall leaves but no one is ready to let go of summer yet.

*All photos have been sourced from Vogue.

Alexis Venerus spends her time chasing dreams and working on Alexus Projects. For this She sits down with artists and designers to chat about their creative lives. She also runs around producing art shows and planning photo shoots to help share the work of the creatives whose stories she tells. Her mind is constantly on the go and her go to shopping spot for anything is Value Village.

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