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Picturesque sunflower farms

There seems to be a sunflower farm craze in the GTA lately. Let's face it, Instagram has changed the behaviour of our generation; almost everyone has become an amateur photographer looking for the next gram-worthy spot to spice up their feed. Whether it be for a blog (like this one, hehe), or just because you love pretty photos (who doesn't?), everyone seems to flock to whatever visually appealing spot is trending on social media, and right now, it's sunflower farms.

The most popular one was Bogle Seeds, a cute little spot in Hamilton. However, recently Bogle Seeds announced that the farm will be closed to the public for the remainder of the year. According to Bogle Seeds owner, Barry Bogle, the farm had so many visitors last week that it was nearly impossible for staff to enforce any of the farm rules and regulations. The traffic leading into the farm created a complete stop on a major road in Hamilton, so people couldn't drive on the street at all. Although this may seem like a business owners dream, they also were not able to enforce rules to the people taking pictures on the farm grounds. They found broken and trampled on sunflowers all over the field. You can read the whole story on CTV's website: Farm Closes After Sunflower Selfie Seekers Swarm Field.

This unfortunate and disrespectful event had me disappointed; not only did I feel for the Bogle family, but I have wanted to visit the farm since last summer, (hehe)! However, as a nature lover, I decided to scour (Google, with little effort) the GTA for alternative sunflower farms. I will share them with you today, in hopes that if you are reading this, you are an intelligent/respectful person who cares about the environment/nature, respects other people's property/hard work, and does not prioritize Instagram photos, followers, and likes over your integrity! 🙃 A lot of these farms are family owned and lived in and farming is their livelihood. You're essentially being welcomed into a strangers home as a visitor, be respectful.

The one I decided to visit was Davis Feed & Farm Supply based on proximity, however, please note that this past weekend was the last weekend to visit this particular farm for the season (see the date of this blog post). In addition to that, my best friend/cousin, Melissa is celiac. Once we found out that Davis Feed donates a portion of their profits to the Canadian Celiac Association, we felt like this place was calling us.

Now that Bogle Seeds and Davis Feed are closed for the season, your last two options to take in a picturesque sunflower field are in Innisfil and Milton. I cannot say much about Edwards Farm in Innisfil only because I have never personally visited it but I have seen some gorgeous photos of the farm on Instagram. Having said that, I just found out as I got back from Davis that my favourite farm is now opening their sunflower field to the public: Terre Bleu Lavender Farm. I didn't even know Terre Bleu had a sunflowers, probably because they only had promoted lavender, until the recent public interest in sunflowers. Regardless, I LOVE that place, and if you can experience both a lavender field and a sunflower field all in one day, Terre Bleu is the place to do it. That farm is so beautiful, it really is an experience on its own. Read my blog about Terre Bleu Lavender Farm here: Why Besties Should Go to Terre Bleu.

If you are going to a sunflower farm, I hope this recommendation helped! Take lots of beautiful photos & enjoy!

Here are some other Sunflower Farms:

Davis Feed & Farm Supply Ltd - *NOW CLOSED FOR THE SEASON*

15770 Mountainview Rd, Caledon East, ON

(905) 584-2880

Edwards Farm Sunflower - *LAST WEEKEND TO GO: AUGUST 10-12*

1574 9 Line, Innisfil, ON

(705) 436-2749

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

2501 25 Side Rd, Milton, ON

(519) 512-0522

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