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10 Spring & summer décor trends in 2018

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Taylor Joseph is a creative interior decorator who takes pride in her ability to transform beautiful spaces with a mix of traditional, eclectic, bohemian and contemporary elements. Always looking for the thrill of the find, she brings distinct ideas and remarkable inspirations to life by crafting and repurposing everyday items. I met Taylor this year through a business course we both took. She told me about how she plans to use her well-trained eye for quality craftsmanship, furnishings, and textiles to launch her own business in early 2018, called Taylor Faye Interiors. Taylor plans to use her company to offer, "timeless styles through an online boutique with a selectively curated collection of unique, vintage, and modern décor items - including custom made designs for your home," she says.

Learn more about Taylor by visiting her Instagram Page: @TaylorFayeInteriors

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