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Make-up trends to follow in 2018

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a make-up connoisseur by any means. I'm more of a tie-my-hair-in-a-bun-and-put-on-lip-gloss kind of girl. It's not because I don't like it, on the contrary, I think make-up is so girly and fun. I just have no idea what I am doing when it comes to applying it. Luckily, one of my best friends, Lisa, is not only a make-up artist, she is also an executive for NARS, one of the top professional cosmetic lines in the world. She is always sharing tips with me, like the latest trends or colours for the season - and for the New Year, she's letting me share them with you! Here are Make-up Trends to Follow in 2018 by Lisa DeVito at NARS Cosmetics:

Skin that has a J.Lo-Glow

"When is glowing skin ever out of style? This is a timeless trend. As every beauty lover knows skin care is the most important step in every makeup routine. It creates the perfect canvas for a flawless makeup look. 2018, the year of the Golden Goddess glow from moisturizing lotions and poppin' highlights that layer under and over foundations or can be worn on bare skin for a more natural 'lit-from-within' glow. Your glowing skin will radiate throughout 2018!"


Plump Pouts & Glossy Lips

"2017 truly was the year of the liquid lipstick; highly-pigmented liquid colour that dries with a matte finish and is super long-lasting was all the rage. Although this formula will continue to be a popular lipstick choice among makeup lovers (I love the matte look myself), 2018 will see the come back of a glossy lip... which my dry lips are excited about! The juicy, hydrated, plump lip is the trend next year. From wet and glossy top coats, to glittery glosses, and full on colour-creme/sheen lipsticks. Bullet lipsticks and juicy glosses are making a come back in 2018, it is giving me 90s vibes and I am loving everything about it!"


Pops of Fresh Colour - Inner Corner Highlights on the Eye "The shimmery pop in the inner corner of the eye really shush up any eye look whether simple or smoky. In 2018, we will continue to see inner corner

highlights but with a twist; pops of colour in the inner corner of the eye! From subtle duo chrome shifts, shimmery hints of pink, and glimmering pastels, you will glow like a whimsical fairy!"


Reverse Eyeliner - Pops of Colour Under the Eye

"We can thank the 80s for coloured liner! It is a simple easy way to give your eye colour a boost. This year, trends such as lining in reverse will be all the rage; defining your under eye with vibrant liner will add a little somethin' somethin' to your look! Apply violet liner to make your green, hazel, or brown eyes pop, or a copper shade for those baby blues!"


All about the Drama! - Thick lashes "Flirty, dramatic, and fluttery lashes come in all shapes and sizes to complete any makeup look. Recently, falsies have become a part of the everyday makeup routine and this trend will not be taking a backseat in 2018. This year, the thicker your lashes, the better! Volumizing, thickening mascaras will be your best friend in achieving those 60s style lashes and if you are still not satisfied you can add a pair of falsies to amp up the drama!"

Lisa says the most important part about having fun with make-up trends is, "...stepping outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Remember, it's just makeup you can always wash it off so have fun with it!"

To learn more about Lisa, visit her Insta-portfolio: @LisaMariaMUA

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