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Why besties should go to Terre Bleu

"Walk through the door, your worries behind you, your joys are ahead."

Last summer, I somehow came across a photo on Instagram of a scenic field of flowers with a yellow door right smack in the centre of it. My initial thoughts were that it had to be photoshopped, otherwise, how would the door stay up? Why was it even there? Like any curious Instagrammer, I tapped the photo in search of the photographer. If this place was real, I was hoping it was someone I knew that visited it so that I could ask more questions about it. To my demise, it was a stranger but they did location tag the post - and there it was: Terre Bleu Lavender Farm. I immediately messaged my best friend/cousin, Melissa, and we set a date to head over there.

Located in Campbellville [Milton], just 40 minutes west of Toronto is this hidden gem. I have been to many Canadian farms throughout the years, in the fall for pumpkin picking, or the summer for strawberries, but Terre Bleu definitely stands out in its own right. It doesn't really have a local family-owned feel to it, however, it is a family farm with the goal of creating an agro-tourist experience which is executed impeccably. When we went, it was the Sunday of Canada Day weekend, and Terre Bleu was flooded with people eager to take pictures by that yellow door.

Terre Bleu is even more beautiful than I had anticipated. I think there must have been over a hundred people scattered all over the farm grounds that day, and at times everyone was fairly close together, but the atmosphere was quiet and serene. When you initially walk in, you enter through the main barn. You have the option to explore the grounds on your own or wait a few minutes for one of the scheduled tours. Considering Melissa and I are so busy these days, we hardly get to see one another, so we decided to walk the grounds on our own and catch up.

It was nearly impossible to do any sort of catching up. From the moment you place your first foot onto the front lavender field, you are mesmerized by pale lilac and royal purple blooms, planted in rows so straight it looks like the gardeners used a giant ruler. Your mood and tone almost immediately change the moment you set eyes on the scenery. It seemed as though there was an unspoken understanding of softness amongst everyone visiting, causing a state of serenity.

The first thing we noticed were the little signs at the top of some of the rows with names on them. "Betty's Blue," and, "English," were written on wooden signs which drew attention to the differences in each row of lavender. This may sound obvious for someone with a green thumb, but I had no idea there were so many different types of lavender - Terre Bleu has 8 different kinds. Our favourite was the, "Melissa." Seriously, if you have a friend named Melissa, bring her to take a photo beside the sign. Frame-worthy!

Just when we thought we could not fall deeper in love with Terre Bleu, we discovered that the yellow door is located on the second lavender field, which requires a little hike through a forest trail called the, "Yellow Bench Trail," (a trail that has bright yellow benches along it), which walks you through a slice of the Grand River Conservation Area. On our way to the Yellow Bench Trail, we discovered Terre Bleu's horse stables, where 6 well-behaved horses gathered calmly in a corner, hoping for a bit of affection from anyone who passed by. We were more than happy to oblige. While petting the horses, it dawned on me... this farm didn't smell like horses lived here at all. It actually didn't have a potent floral smell either - possibly because it was such a windy day. It just smelled very fresh - even by the horses. Just fresh, full of greenery, and clean.

To get to the Yellow Door, we walked through a shady forest with peaks of sunlight through the leafy trees, and over a bridge that hovers over the Grand River, past a couple of adorable bright yellow benches, and out onto a second lavender field... and there it is. The adorable yellow door standing tall amidst a field of lavender, surrounded by forestry. It's something so small, and so simple, yet so well thought out that hundreds of people flocked to see it. There was even a small lineup to take pictures by the door (keep that in mind when picking a day to go, you may want to go on a weekday instead), and there's a Terre Bleu employee designated in front of it to help you get the perfect picture... and so we did. On top of the door reads a quote, "Walk through the door, your worries behind you, your joys are ahead," and when you're caught up in the moment, walking through it feels almost cathartic.

We headed back through the yellow bench trail to the main barn to check out some of the lavender-infused products. I picked up a lavender vinegarette salad dressing (which I had on a salad recently, it was amazing), and some lavender-infused gouda cheese (also a fantastic combination), however the choices were endless. Lavender macaroons, infused honey, barbeque sticks that infuse lavender flavor into your meat while you're BBQing, and more. However, among all of the lavender-infused treats, I must say mine and Melissa's favourite was the lavender icecream homemade right at the farm. We grabbed a cone each and walked down to the stage at the front field where live music was playing, softly setting the tone for this tranquil farm.

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

2501, Sideroad 25, Milton, Ontario, Canada


Entrance fee: $10.00 CAD - only takes cash and credit *no debit* Distance from Toronto: Approx. 40 minute drive Approximate visit time: 2 hours Suggestions: Wear something comfortable [and cute], flats are a must!

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